Cataclysm in the Land of the Watchers

by Age of Nefilim

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Zachary Beets
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Zachary Beets The intro and the ending of Entombed In Cavernous Walls. I can't tell if the lyrics are supposed to be an ancient tale or an allegory for modern times. Also, best gutterals I've heard from a metal band, period. Favorite track: Entombed Within Cavernous Walls.
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released November 7, 2015



all rights reserved


Age of Nefilim Spokane, Washington

Age of Nefilim is:
Matt Lefebvre
-Vocals, Guitar, and Composition
Josh Rodriguez -Vocals and Guitar
Traci Barringer
Kevin George
Devon Jensen

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Track Name: Dredging the Swamps
Fate lies in sight
A new juncture for our home and pride
Drawing near to azure hued barricade
Contact is made with a harsh frozen world

AB.GAL. emerge
Perceive their scenery and commence accordingly
Guided by precepts vile and predatory

Sundering the icy coastal land
Channeling, waters flow at his command
Raise up the base for my

Set about the task of filtering
Useless from the vital
Substance of the bog
Water-logged, buried and hidden
Beneath the surface gleam
Dredging these swamps for 8 SHAR
Still far, from what's necessary

Fearful timeline
Forcing brutish labor
Unforeseen failure bringing about
Trials in the Deep
Track Name: Entombed Within Cavernous Walls
Despair and ruin realized
Inept prime plans
Extraction scheme revised
Barbarous labor in the Deep
Many baneful names it's been called
A place of no light or return
Entombed within cavernous walls

Honor bound
'Til it's found into the ground we march grudgingly
Bewail this turn of events
How long will we adhere?

Stationed many BE.RU. abroad
Compliant facade
Food mixed with clay, water fouled with dust
The toil upon our bodies is unjust
Staggering burden, loyalty uncertain

Resolve is replaced with contempt
Tolerance at it's end
Chief officer leads the revolt
Far above are we from these earthly deeds
Rally Annunaki for the mutiny

Now we break free from this slavery
Face our oppressors, reclaim destiny
Set ablaze the tools, prove the worker's will
Onwards to EN.LIL.

Storming the gates in the night
Encroach upon sleeping lord's home
By the time he's woken up
Surrounded by a wrathful mob

Retaliate his first thought
But heard their plot, council was sought
Once made aware of their plight
His allegiance sworn to rebel cause

In lieu of war E.A. steps forth
Devising a compromise all gods accede
Gather one, gather all
A display of my genius dubbed the LU.LU.

Mutate a creature
Let them bear the godly feature
Forging genes spawns cursed beings
Nameless, hellish freaks and fiends, appalling

Trial and error confirms
That which works and does not, and for fun
At last it would seem
The model we needed is complete

This day we have combined
Primate D.N.A. with our own to create mankind
These humans shall not be
Granted a privilege to be free, or knowing

Lives spent in the mine
Never given a choice or a voice
Easily replaced
Never ending supply of brethren

The process is refined
Manufactured workers with hive minds
Our woes are at an end
Or perhaps they've just begun
Greatest achievement or vexation?
Track Name: Poached from Forests and Fields
Lost now are the ways of old
Accosted by terrors untold
Our fate was to rise above
Demodulate the arcane knowledge undreamed of

This path seized by blood thirsty claws
Prey upon our flaws
Abashed at the spectral display
Filled with dismay

We've nothing that can compare to this
Abandon fantasies of resistance
Hexed existence

Poached from forest and fields
To fill their mines
Twisted genetic manipulation
Forever changed our (kind)
Kind were few and very far between
And to most captives they remained unseen
Live in fear or live in exile
Primates losing to reptiles

In our flesh they bound
Astral thoughts to bodies of the ground
This new bastard form
Cannot mate, sexually deformed

EN.KI. could grant knowing
Suffer fallout from being (freed)
Freed to breed was a grave misdeed
Of the Annunaki creed
They will not condone
They would rather disown
Than risk being dethroned
By the likes of those they bred as their own

Their chains could not restrain
Banished to grim domains
Damned were the tribes whom
Turned upon their own kind
These acts had led them
To a steep decline

Erased the unity of old
Replaced with evil taking hold
Lechery and carnal debauchery
Treachery and cannibal butchery
Pale to the crime divine

Corrupting their genes
Through our primal means
Their blood empowers
Creatures of the land to create God like men

Prowess leads to pride
Deific designs denied
Yet still the horde grows ever large
Biding time for the sign to charge

Our course is fraught with misery, blights, and fights that bring
Death to us all
Track Name: The Flood Swept There Over
The rains have been seized
Drought wipes out life
Brings about strife, famine, and disease
Land's been deprived, very few survived
And those alive wish death would arrive

Left to suffer for their deeds
No god shall step forth to end
This scourge is but a portent
None will be saved
For they are depraved

Grievous trespass, sickening
Knowing that these beasts conceived
And now hold our sacred seed
For this they die

Word is passed from the AB.ZU. of a storm
That will be brought by
Passing of NI.BU.RU.
This new knowledge we will use

To shield our
Ilk from this harm
No mortal being shall
Hear the alarm
The pressing tempest
Is sworn to be
Secret of the gods
All agree except EN.KI.

Exceedingly wise is he who stands behind the screen
Hearing his liege speak of the siege

Fret not, I will guide thee
For all I foresee

If asked why?
Spread forth this lie
Banished am I
And they will ally
The sign that you seek
To assemble;
At dusk grounds tremble
SHA.MASH.'s light reaches said height
Batten up and hide

Chaos viewed from above
All we've attained has been disposed of
Vindictive waves turn the world into sea
Cries and pleas, people on their knees
Useless hopes such as these
Track Name: Nothing Remains of Mountains and Plains
Emerged from the gale
So serene, it seems obscene
Descend from the mountain
Struggle resumed by the next brood

Man and deities alike are once more in turmoil
A new queen reigns supreme
IN.AN.NA. the goddess of war
Sargon the king she leads to Babylon
And lifts earth from it's grounds
She hath gone beyond bounds
Symbolic gesturing
Summons raging MAR.DUK.

Rivals reunited
Brother implores brother change course

Through force or flattery he will deflect
The brewing conflict
But not before he hears
Grievances that burn up his ears
At last convinced to leave
Promising he'll be seen when the Earth is eclipsing
One last final warning
Touch not the GI.GU.NU.

NER.GAL. chose to ignore
Brilliance was removed
At him they cursed and swore
Their scorn led him to rage

Contrived vengeance surpassed offense
IN.AN.NA. joins
Sordid deceit used to defeat
Their foes
Ignite EN.LIL.'s sacred shrine

Who's responsible?
EN.KI. is not convinced
NER.GAL.'s last resort is

To deny and all
The DUR.AN.KI., the link
I shall annihilate the son
And let the father bury him
I will kill the father
And let no one bury him
The land is scorched with fire
Evil winds blast forth

Nothing remains of mountains and plains
None could have known where the winds roam
Now hear the moans
Of a dying city called UR.
Track Name: Dimensions and Timelines are Interwoven
Dimensions and timelines are interwoven by...

Unheard of might
Loosed from ultimate feared weapons
Rift in reality....

This site was constructed to meet EN.LIL.'s needs
Corresponding with I.GI.GI.

Raised up the NIB.RU.KI. at Nippur
Crowned with the DIR.GA.

It's mine, ZU screeched loud
Enshrouded the tablets of destiny
None can match the powers I now possess
NIN.UR.TA. strides forward to suppress
ZU's wings cut, then he's maimed
DUR.AN.KI. is reclaimed

Not for long will there be peace at Nippur
Crisis lurks to the south
Nothing can stop approaching hazard
Abandon in stealth, 'fore the Deluge

SHARs of work under the murk
Lost to the sea and buried under land

All were killed, now we must rebuild
The bond Heaven-Earth shall once more arise

Time has now arrived
For the advancement of this cast off realm

A.NU. oversees and decrees
The wisdom that is passed down
And those destined for the crown
The men of renown

Lead their armies into a war
Antediluvian rivalries vying for
Control of TIL.MUN.

Restricted grounds resonate the sounds
Of the worst blight yet seen
Only the elite get to retreat
And evade destruction of life and operations

I cannot have it, nor thee
The ones who are accountable
He who scorches with fire and he of the evil (wind)

Mind caught in between
A warped state of being