Entombed Within Cavernous Walls

from by Age of Nefilim

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Despair and ruin realized
Inept prime plans
Extraction scheme revised
Barbarous labor in the Deep
Many baneful names it's been called
A place of no light or return
Entombed within cavernous walls

Honor bound
'Til it's found into the ground we march grudgingly
Bewail this turn of events
How long will we adhere?

Stationed many BE.RU. abroad
Compliant facade
Food mixed with clay, water fouled with dust
The toil upon our bodies is unjust
Staggering burden, loyalty uncertain

Resolve is replaced with contempt
Tolerance at it's end
Chief officer leads the revolt
Far above are we from these earthly deeds
Rally Annunaki for the mutiny

Now we break free from this slavery
Face our oppressors, reclaim destiny
Set ablaze the tools, prove the worker's will
Onwards to EN.LIL.

Storming the gates in the night
Encroach upon sleeping lord's home
By the time he's woken up
Surrounded by a wrathful mob

Retaliate his first thought
But heard their plot, council was sought
Once made aware of their plight
His allegiance sworn to rebel cause

In lieu of war E.A. steps forth
Devising a compromise all gods accede
Gather one, gather all
A display of my genius dubbed the LU.LU.

Mutate a creature
Let them bear the godly feature
Forging genes spawns cursed beings
Nameless, hellish freaks and fiends, appalling

Trial and error confirms
That which works and does not, and for fun
At last it would seem
The model we needed is complete

This day we have combined
Primate D.N.A. with our own to create mankind
These humans shall not be
Granted a privilege to be free, or knowing

Lives spent in the mine
Never given a choice or a voice
Easily replaced
Never ending supply of brethren

The process is refined
Manufactured workers with hive minds
Our woes are at an end
Or perhaps they've just begun
Greatest achievement or vexation?


from Cataclysm in the Land of the Watchers, released November 7, 2015


tags: metal Spokane


all rights reserved


Age of Nefilim Spokane, Washington

Age of Nefilim is:
Matt Lefebvre
-Vocals, Guitar, and Composition
Josh Rodriguez -Vocals and Guitar
Traci Barringer
Kevin George
Devon Jensen

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