Nothing Remains of Mountains and Plains

from by Age of Nefilim

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Emerged from the gale
So serene, it seems obscene
Descend from the mountain
Struggle resumed by the next brood

Man and deities alike are once more in turmoil
A new queen reigns supreme
IN.AN.NA. the goddess of war
Sargon the king she leads to Babylon
And lifts earth from it's grounds
She hath gone beyond bounds
Symbolic gesturing
Summons raging MAR.DUK.

Rivals reunited
Brother implores brother change course

Through force or flattery he will deflect
The brewing conflict
But not before he hears
Grievances that burn up his ears
At last convinced to leave
Promising he'll be seen when the Earth is eclipsing
One last final warning
Touch not the GI.GU.NU.

NER.GAL. chose to ignore
Brilliance was removed
At him they cursed and swore
Their scorn led him to rage

Contrived vengeance surpassed offense
IN.AN.NA. joins
Sordid deceit used to defeat
Their foes
Ignite EN.LIL.'s sacred shrine

Who's responsible?
EN.KI. is not convinced
NER.GAL.'s last resort is

To deny and all
The DUR.AN.KI., the link
I shall annihilate the son
And let the father bury him
I will kill the father
And let no one bury him
The land is scorched with fire
Evil winds blast forth

Nothing remains of mountains and plains
None could have known where the winds roam
Now hear the moans
Of a dying city called UR.


from Cataclysm in the Land of the Watchers, released November 7, 2015


tags: metal Spokane


all rights reserved


Age of Nefilim Spokane, Washington

Age of Nefilim is:
Matt Lefebvre
-Vocals, Guitar, and Composition
Josh Rodriguez -Vocals and Guitar
Traci Barringer
Kevin George
Devon Jensen

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