The Flood Swept There Over

from by Age of Nefilim

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The rains have been seized
Drought wipes out life
Brings about strife, famine, and disease
Land's been deprived, very few survived
And those alive wish death would arrive

Left to suffer for their deeds
No god shall step forth to end
This scourge is but a portent
None will be saved
For they are depraved

Grievous trespass, sickening
Knowing that these beasts conceived
And now hold our sacred seed
For this they die

Word is passed from the AB.ZU. of a storm
That will be brought by
Passing of NI.BU.RU.
This new knowledge we will use

To shield our
Ilk from this harm
No mortal being shall
Hear the alarm
The pressing tempest
Is sworn to be
Secret of the gods
All agree except EN.KI.

Exceedingly wise is he who stands behind the screen
Hearing his liege speak of the siege

Fret not, I will guide thee
For all I foresee

If asked why?
Spread forth this lie
Banished am I
And they will ally
The sign that you seek
To assemble;
At dusk grounds tremble
SHA.MASH.'s light reaches said height
Batten up and hide

Chaos viewed from above
All we've attained has been disposed of
Vindictive waves turn the world into sea
Cries and pleas, people on their knees
Useless hopes such as these


from Cataclysm in the Land of the Watchers, released November 7, 2015


tags: metal Spokane


all rights reserved


Age of Nefilim Spokane, Washington

Age of Nefilim is:
Matt Lefebvre
-Vocals, Guitar, and Composition
Josh Rodriguez -Vocals and Guitar
Traci Barringer
Kevin George
Devon Jensen

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